Discovery Workshop

Our Discovery Workshop navigates your digital health solution in the current health and care landscape. From comprehensive pre-discovery assessments to refining value propositions and producing a report to formulate your project roadmap.  

Our Discovery Workshop explores the fundamental aspects of your innovation. 

Discovery involves three stages, at each stage we are probing the “what”, “why” and “how” behind your innovative solution, aiming to identify its full potential.  

Pre Discovery

We carry out an independent review of collateral, branding, and messaging for your solution, in line with the current digital health landscape.  We identify key clinical pathways to create meaningful use cases that will capture the attention of NHS stakeholders. This phase informs the agenda for the workshop ensuring we tailor the outputs to your needs. 

Discovery Workshop

Presenting the pre-discovery findings, we share how your business can mobilise more effectively across the NHS. We discuss the value proposition within each use case or access point, defining the impact or benefit to key target customers and how best to market to them.  Finally, we explore your communications and engagement activity, your approach to marketing, and where this could be improved. 

Discovery Report

We deliver a report summarising the core value proposition of the solution, along with other insights gained from the discovery workshop and our subject matter experts. Through a set of product-specific recommendations, this report can be harnessed to develop your product vision, identify your route to market, and formulate your project roadmap.

Our Engagement Approach

Our engagement strategies dissect the perspectives of direct and indirect users to understand what works and what doesn’t for your digital health solution, current pathways or service design. Through surveys, workshops, interviews, and desk-based research, we create insights for strategic recommendations and shape your narrative in the digital health landscape. 

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