Discovery for Providers

Our discovery services for providers navigate your digital health needs in the current health and care landscape. From comprehensive pre-discovery assessments to refining pathways and producing insight reports to formulate your project roadmap. 

Discovery involves baselining and understanding the as-is. Depending on the scope of work, the pre-discovery activities may include the following. 

Collateral Review

Analysing and understanding existing communication and engagement messaging to support future development.  

Baseline and Analysis

Uncovering the current usage, utilisation, and early adopters of a solution. 

Research New Pathways

Identifying clinical priorities to create new innovative pathways for further engagement at a national, regional, and local level. 

Engagement Strategies

Analysing the perspectives of direct and indirect users to understand what does and doesn’t work in regard to current pathways or service design. Through surveys, workshops, interviews, and desk-based research, we create insights for strategic recommendations. 

Governance Review

Examining current governance structures to discover alternative or improved methods of operation. 

Stakeholder Mapping

Identifying and engaging key stakeholders crucial for the success of your project to encourage uptake of suggested solutions. 

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